Why Your Contributions Matter

You are continuing the legacy of Horace Fairbanks, who believed in the dissemination of knowledge through books and art. We have built upon this vision and now provide a multitude of unique services to the community.

In my day I built it: a dream of my heart.
In your day, you come for books, culture, and art.

In my day, the children were seen and not heard.
In your day: games, stories, computers.. .My word!

In my day, great speakers addressed one and all.
In your day, "First Wednesdays" fill Athenaeum Hall.

In my day, fine leather-bound books were a treasure.
In your day, best-sellers give everyone pleasure.

In my day, I bought art with taste and discretion.
In your day, you have a distinguished collection.

In my day, I gave all I could for this dream.
In your day, it's your turn, or so it would seem...

Sincerely yours,  


Mail your donation together with this donor card or click here to donate via JustGive.org.



Last update: 12/1/10

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